How you can get Business Visa ?

To get Business Visa, you should have some necessary documents, namely: Invitation Letter. You can receive this document from our company. We’ll prepare and send this document, after accepting your payment. Usually we send it by E-mail or FAX. Here is examples of our documents.


Copy of passport — top page, page with the visa of country resident. If there are some old business visa to Ukraine, EU or USA — copy of the last visa.

1) To fill a questionnaire in detail , namely:
addresses of place of living, places of work — in detail — to indicate the name of street, house number, apartments, zip code, phone numbers.
2) DIRECTION of company activity — to write concretely the occupation of a company — for example — import, export of food stuffs, or metal or anything else. If a company produces something — to indicate what exactly it is.
3) A held position — for example: proprietor of company, director, manager on sales, manager on marketing, director of realization department.
We do business of the invitation only to owners of the companies, directors and their assistants.

NOTE: If foreign citizen who whants to recieve business visa works not in his country, you should add to the documents above also a copy of visa, visa registration and work license.

1) A consular department takes the original invitation letter and concomitant documents of our firm only.
2) Not to the consular department of Embassy of Ukraine abroad, but on the address of client ( or firms) we send all documents. business invitation to Ukraine


Visa registration is made during 30 Working days at immigration service of Kiev .
Presenting of documents 2 times per a week — Tuesday and Thursday. ( with 10.00 to 12.00)
Outputing of documents 2 times per a week — Tuesday and Thursday.( with 16.00 to 18.00)
The price of the invitation for business of the visa.
— One entry for 30 days — $325
— Two entry for 60-90 days — $415
— Multy visa for 6 monthes — $510
— Multy visa for 12 monthes — $510
* P.S. Invitation cost includes the administrative insurance policy from company how to make an invitation to Ukraine


1) The express mail from $100 to $120 which is delivered during 3 to 5 working days.
2) Residence in the hotel of the chosen category or in a private apartment (if you made an order through us)
Urgent registration — 2 weeks.
The additional charge:
60$ per a person — for 1-3 monthes visa
100$ per person — for 6 monthes and 1 year visa